Bahrain – Annual Ceremony in the presence of Sheikha Hessa Al Sabah

Under the patronage of Sheikha Thajiba Bint Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Head of the Surveying and Real Estate Registration Authority (WWA), WBWA organized the annual ceremony in the presence of Sheikha Mariam Bint Salman Al Khalifa, Honorary President of the Arab Businesswomen’s Council Sheikha Hessa And Kuwaiti actress Huda Hussein, Kuwaiti guest of honor Mona Shaddad and Moroccan singer and actress Najat Rajavi to celebrate the ceremony at the Sofitel Hotel. L.

On this occasion, it raised Sheikha Tajph verses of congratulations on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, calling on God to preserve Bahrain, leadership and people, and praised the strength of the Gulf and the Bahraini-Kuwaiti relations and welcomed the guests of Bahrain from Kuwait states sister, saying that Gulf women have made many achievements; insisting and will, and it contributed to the development and construction process in their countries; assuming various positions, as well as leading private sector contributions, noting that the Gulf countries, including Bahrain, Kuwait is proud of the success stories of Gulf women in various national and local forums, expressing its thanks to the guests Walsh P, and attendance at the ceremony, who have internalized more of the bonds of love and communication between women in the two brotherly countries of Bahrain and Kuwait.