Festival of innovation and creativity – Bahrain

Participation of the delegation of the Kuwaiti Federation of professionals for small and large enterprises headed by Sheikha Hessa Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah in the Festival of Innovation and Creativity in the Kingdom of Bahrain during the period from 31 October to 4 November 2019

Our Projects (Mashareena) Exhibition 2

 In her turn, the Secretary and a member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Women Professionals for Small and Medium Enterprises [Jamila Al-Daws said that we were able to carry out this exhibition, which was very keen and desired by the professionals. The exhibition focused on the products of the coming period…

Second Exhibition Our Project 2

Sheikha Hessa Al Saad expressed her pleasure in attending the Career Women’s Forum for the second year in a row and watching the progress and success by touring the exhibition and finding out about the different professions directly through the female professionals themselves, who revealed a remarkable development in their distinctive works. She stressed that…

The Federation Attends FCEM Conference Monaco

A delegation from The Federation of Kuwaiti Profession and Business Women attended the World Conference of Women Entrepreneurs at the World Association of Business Women (FCEM) to attend the conference and the regular meeting of the Assembly and vote on the selection of the new president of the World Assembly.