Hessa Al-Saad: Developing trade relations with Hungary

Watan Al Nahar

The Chairman of the Council of Arab Business Women and the President of the Kuwaiti Federation of Women Professions Sheikha D. Saad Al-Abdullah, announced a plan of joint cooperation to develop economic, trade, technical and educational relations between Kuwait and the Republic of Hungary in several scheduled projects that will be announced after the signing of an agreement of understanding between the Federation of Hungarian Businesswomen and the Kuwaiti Federation of Professional Women.
Al-Saad said during a press conference held at the Residence Inn Marriott on the sidelines of the visit of the delegation of Hungarian businesswomen to Kuwait that the cooperation will be in several economic, commercial and technical fields resulting from the good impression on Kuwait during the visit which lasted 6 days. .
At the beginning, Al-Saad thanked all the Kuwaiti ministries and authorities for their warm hospitality and hospitality to the visiting delegation led by Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Subeeh for their interaction with the visit of the Hungarian delegation. She also thanked the Chamber of Commerce, the Central Bank, the Shooting Club, Effects and others.
She confirmed that during the presence of the Hungarian women’s delegation in Kuwait, an agreement of understanding will be signed in the educational cooperation, in which scholarships will be offered to Kuwaiti students to complete their studies in the Republic of Hungary.
She expressed her pride and pride in the Kuwaiti woman who has been able to prove her success in the field of trade and business, pointing out that no economic or commercial development can occur without women playing a key role in the business world or in social life.
She promised to have a joint institution soon between Kuwait and Hungary to strengthen trade, economic, social and educational relations away from politics, pointing to an agreement to develop imports between the two countries in light of the joint cooperation between the union of professional women and Arab businesswomen and Hungarian businesswomen.
In her speech, Al-Saad talked about the first agreement between the two sides, during which ideas and experiences will be exchanged and overcome the obstacles that hinder businesswomen. She announced the visit of the Kuwaiti businesswomen to the city of Hungary next year, explaining part of the plan of the Union of Professional Women and the Arab Businesswomen Council Visited Egypt and India and attended the Lebanon conference.
For her part, the head of the Hungarian delegation and the President of the Hungarian Businesswomen Federation praised Ambassador Burbalakazaku for her hospitality in Kuwait and the reception and appreciation in the hope that there will be permanent cooperation with Kuwait in all fields.
Kazaku stressed the necessity of signing the agreement of understanding with the Kuwaiti side for its urgent desire to open cooperation and participation in various fields of education, culture, economy and trade. She also expressed her admiration for Kuwaiti art and the privileges that Kuwait enjoys from the rest of the Gulf countries.
For her part, Secretary of the Kuwaiti Federation of Professional Professors Amina Ismail thanked all those who visited and praised the success of Kuwaiti women in all fields and promised to work in full swing in cooperation with the members of the Federation to advance the Kuwaiti women.