Sheikha Hessa Al Saad expressed her pleasure in attending the Career Women’s Forum for the second year in a row and watching the progress and success by touring the exhibition and finding out about the different professions directly through the female professionals themselves, who revealed a remarkable development in their distinctive works.
She stressed that the exhibition confirms that Kuwaiti women are able to stand out in society through their artistic and manual works, wishing them continued development and success, and not only work on domestic production, but also develop into well-known brands.
Sheikha Hessa Al-Sabah stressed that the government is supporting projects and Kuwaiti women, and the field of competition with men is open to women professionals, especially that during the second exhibition we witnessed a remarkable improvement in the quality of demand. .
In turn, the Secretary and a member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Professional Women for Small and Medium Enterprises Samira Al-Daws said that we were able to carry out this exhibition, which was a desire and urgency of the profession. The exhibition focused on the products for the coming period of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr, That the exhibition contains products for the owners and non-existent outside the exhibition, any market, we also have posts from outside the exhibition and we are working on the exhibition in the Gulf States and the Arab world in the future