Sheikha Hessa: Arab Businesswomen Council supports Egypt

Sheikha Hessa: Arab Businesswomen Council supports Egypt

The head of the Arab Businesswomen's Council, Sheikha Hessa Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, said that the human wealth enjoyed by Egypt is a huge economic force.

Sheikha Hessa added that the previous period was crystallized in two important points: attracting foreign investments in Egypt and exploring opportunities, as well as supporting the activities and ideas of the youth of business and how to cooperate. With them to achieve these ideas on the ground and the presence of the Council to support Egypt in achieving development under a package of reforms carried out by the Egyptian administration to correct the economic course gathered by the health economists and praised them, and lack of support and support due to lack of experience of some.
She added: "Here comes our role as previous generations represented by the owners of expertise and capital funds in the preparation of a new generation of employers and builders of the homeland to benefit from the experience of his predecessors, and based on them whenever necessary."
Sheikha Hessa pointed out that she and a delegation from the Arab Businesswomen's Council participated in the series of the event, "Egypt Door Link", which we hope to achieve its objectives, which should be taken into account, which is the existence of wonderful energies for work and production, and the Egyptian administration paid for this treasure, In the rehabilitation of young cadres and equip them for leadership, and evidence of this was reported by the youth conferences sponsored by President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi.
She explained that in line with this guidance and our deep belief that today's youth are the campaign of tomorrow's brigade and made the future with their hopes and ambitions and their business grow and flourish the nation

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