The Committees

Public relations is the art based on the most appropriate methods of dealing between the committees of the Union and the public internal and external (guests - individuals - institutions) to achieve its objectives -One of the most important objectives of the Media Committee is to highlight the role of the Union and media goals and to strengthen communication between the Union committees, in addition to media coverage and dissemination of information and activities of the Union locally, regionally and internationally, all means of social communication. -The website of the Kuwaiti Federation of Women Professionals for Small and Medium Enterprises is a necessity to keep abreast of the modern development in all means of communication and it is necessary to have a permanent presence on the world wide web and to know the Union and its activities and activities.

Headed by Sheikha Hessa Saad Al Abdullah Al Sabah

Headed by Jameela Al Dawas

Training and Consulting Committee

Aims to establish a leading center to provide high quality consultancy to develop and sustain businesswomen's projects and provide them with appropriate advice and training. Establish specialized researches in women's economy locally ,regionally and globally aiming to support ladies in economy field develop her skills. consultation for other committees, initiatives and ladies in business

Headed by Hanan Al Refaie

Headed by Muneera Al Rashid

Entrepreneurship is defined as owning a person or a group of people creative and pioneering ideas contribute to the establishment of a new project that benefits the community.

Headed by Maha Ameen

The objectives of the Cultural Committee are to contribute to the achievement of the objectives related to the dissemination of culture, the establishment of cultural forums and the dissemination of cultural information about the most prominent activities of the Union. Furthermore, the development of programs that helps to promote the cultural level in the Union in general. Economic Committee aims to consider issues related to economic growth and operational activities for the economic development of the Union.

Headed by Nihad Al Fraih